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Pursuant to the provisions of section IX of the Act 230, PA 1972, the townships of Denton, Lake, Roscommon, Markey and Backus established and adopted a five township joint enforcement agency, to be known as the Houghton Lake Building Agency. Our main responsibility is to enforce and ensure your items meet code. The Townships' individual Land Use Officers will advise you if you project meets setbacks and zoning requirements. 

Our Board


Carie Milburn   Roscommon Twp. 

Harry Trier       Lake Twp.

Louise Nagy     Backus Twp.

Carol Asher      Denton Twp.

Sheryl Tussey   Markey Twp. Chair


The Houghton Lake Building Agency shall consist of a Board of five members, one to be a resident in and designated by the Township Board of each of the Townships of Denton, Lake, Backus, Markey and Roscommon. Said enforcement agency shall be and act as the Board for the five townships and shall be empowered to employ an inspector to make all inspections called for by the State Construction Code Act and the rules promulgated thereunder.

Building permits provided for in the State Construction Code Act shall be issued pursuant to applications filed with the Houghton Lake Building Agency, and fees shall be collected from the applicant, according to the building permit fee schedule, based on total construction cost and adopted by the Houghton Lake Building Agency by resolution in conformity with the State Construction Code Rules based upon the following factors:


A. Residential buildings and additions to residential buildings, porches included, and additions to existing structures that incorporate living quarters without altering ground area.


B. All structures on property zoned commercial, other than residential structures.


C. Sheds and private garages and any accessory buildings and other new dwelling structures.


D. Utility or accessory buildings under 160 square feet.


E. Larger utility or accessory buildings and garages.


F. No permit required for structures under 150 square feet.


G. For work started before permit: double permit fee.


H. Mobile homes, double-wide mobile homes, and modular homes, having a state inspection seal.


I. Energy Code: plan review fee which will include the insulation inspection.


J. Minor repairs.


K. Reinspection charge.


Houghton Lake Building Agency

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